Last Supper Made out of wood from the Holy Land

1000 USD

The dimensions of this Last Supper are 22.5" x 9.5" x 7"

From the manufacturer: "This Christian olive wood art piece is simply magnificent. We feel like this olivewood Last Supper scene is the most beautiful carving of its kind in the world.   You will not find a more detailed and more  beautiful  hand carved olivewood Last Supper anywhere... Bethlehem Christian olive wood artisans hand carve this fine Christian artwork from premier Holy Land olive wood prunings from the Galilee region. Meticulous attention is given to each individual olive wood Last Supper statue as they hand carve the wooden figurines of Jesus and the disciples as Jesus institutes the Lords' Supper. The olivewood Last Supper table by itself is a work of art , with the table cloth intricately hand carved with beautiful designs in the olive wood. The olive wood table legs are lovely with etchings hand carved all around. The Last suppers' upper base is made from from small olivewood planks with the edges scalloped with intricate designs hand carved into each scallop. This is set on top of another base of mahogany that provides a beautiful contrast to the olive wood. This magnificent keepsake is coated with polyurethane to seal,protect ,and enhance the complex olive wood grain and quality of this Christian artwork. There is not a lovelier olive wood Last Supper depiction anywhere. Words are not adequate to describe this unique olive wood Last Supper.

The workshop of Christian statue artisan Jeries Facouseh, where this large olive wood Last Supper scene is carved, is on Manger Street in Bethlehem, not far from the site where the Lord Jesus was born. This Last Supper scene is carved from Holy Land olive wood from the Galilee region, where the Lord Jesus spent much of His earthly life.

Scriptural Reference:Matthew 26 :   26 - 28 "